Malala Yousafzai Un Speech Analysis Essay

Garcia, Graciano, Hernandez, Hernandez, Hoang, Lizardi 1Jessica Garcia, Giovanny GracianoChristina Hernandez,Vanessa HernandezRichard Hoang, Rigo LizardiMs. Pruden, Period 3AP English Language 18 September 2015Analysis of Malala Yousafzai’s UN SpeechAs an education activist, Malala Yousafzai presents a compelling speech to the UN on theimportance of education for women and children. Yousafzai’s exposition is to motivate the UN and other government officials to take action for the educational rights of children and women around the world. She adopts a determined and confident tone to show the audience, the UN and the world governments, that she is serious about what she is declaring about education because she knows that the UN could make a change. Malala Yousafzai’s main resort was for the UN help for all children and women to have educational rights throughout the nation. Yousafzai presents her speech to the United Nation by recognizing the important peopleof the organization and everyone else that brought the meeting together. Malala then introducesthe clothing her clothing because it has significance to the event going on. Through analogy,Malala says that she is wearing, “a shawl of the late Benazir Bhutto” (1). Malala's purpose ofbringing up the shawl of Bhutto was to manifest that she was the first women to be elected in theIslamic government. Yousafzai points out Bhutto’s case in order to show that women also haverights and they are allowed to speak out and make decisions just like men. The effect of therhetorical strategy on the audience is to show that wearing the shawl of Benazir Bhutto meansthat there is still hope for women in the Islamic country and for Malala as an educational activist.

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 Rhetoric makes heuristics provisions for distinguishing, comprehending, and developing certain arguments related to specific settings (Young, Becker & Pike, 1970, 1). There are five main criterion of rhetoric for framing a persuasive speech to affect the audience, which are based on arrangement, memory, discovery, style, and apt delivery.  In case of rhetorical literature, Corbett, had claimed that in such instances rhetorical analysis "is more interested in a literary work for what it does than for what it is" (Corbett, 1990, xxii).

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It is important to note that the 1870s were still within the period wherein women are forbidden to vote in the United States. Anthony was a crusader most of her life, advocating to abolish the law. She was very active in promoting equal rights persistently campaigning for the women’s right to vote, which the US government pointedly disagreed on.

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As asserted, the documentary aimed to persuade the viewers through rhetorical arguments of speech, sound, and visuals that there is a need to be alarmed at the rate hydraulic fracturing for natural gas drastically and negatively affects the lives of people who are affected by the drilling; and hopefully move policymakers and legislators into amending provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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To my mind, important is how Malala makes connections between education and war, and terrorism, and feminism. No need to prove that there’s a lack of peace in the world as Malala herself has been a victim of

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