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Free Persuasive Essays On Drugs

Drug abuse is a relevant problem nowadays. Many people take different types of drugs to alter their mood and change their behavior.

Some people take drugs to reduce pain. Others just want to try something new. Drug abuse is crime. In the majority of countries drugs are illegal. One cannot go and purchase drugs in a store. Moreover, one cannot sell drugs openly whereas this product is banned. Drugs are prohibited because they influence our organism inadequately. Many people commit crimes under the influence of drugs. 

Others just enjoy themselves but waste too much money on these harmful substances. Consequently, drugs influence our health and financial condition. Sad to say but many children become the victims of drug abuse at school. They want to seem cooler and mature when they smoke marijuana or use methamphetamine. Children are vulnerable to such things. It is easy to persuade a child to try drugs. If he enjoys them, he can become a returning customer. Therefore, dealers make money on students and cause harm to the younger generation. No wonder, there have been many attempts to stop the spread of drugs in schools. Students are tested on drugs from time to time to make sure the educational institution is healthy. On the other hand, many people think that drug testing in schools should be prohibited because this action violates children’s rights.

As for me, I believe that drug testing in schools is a good idea. There are drug dealers in every school. They provide children with drugs and make them steal money and valuable things at home. 

Obviously, young students do not have enough money on drugs. Thus, they have to steal it somewhere. As a result, drug abuse is closely connected with robberies and assaults. It is vital to prevent such antisocial behavior as soon as possible. If a child is caught on taking drugs, there is time to change his lifestyle to the better. Many people say that it is impossible to catch the dealers who sell drugs in schools. However, we should find and catch them. Although there will be new dealers, they will have to ‘work’ less openly. Such criminals should understand that the school administration, parents and students are against of taking drugs. It is useful to conduct drug testing from time to time to detect the students who are under the influence of drugs. They will probably name the people who sold them drugs. Therefore, drug testing can help the police catch dealers and more solid criminals.

Of course, we should test students in the proper way. It is possible that a child decides to try drugs for the first time and he is caught at once. In this case, teachers and parents should be very careful. It is considerable to explain the negative impact of drugs on the human health to the caught child. They should not shout at him or exclude him from classes. The student’s nature is rebellious and he will do the opposite on purpose. Parents should be glad that their child was caught early whereas it is still possible to change his life. it is possible to persuade him give up drugs.

Then, many students take drugs because they are forced by their peers. Others decide to take drugs because they have personal problems. Therefore, it is reasonable to test students on drug abuse in order to learn about their unfavorable social position. The child is probably neglected or abandoned and he believes that the only way out is drugs. Due to drug testing social services learn about dysfunctional families and ‘difficult’ children.

Next, schools that check their students on drugs demonstrate their concern about the healthy way of life. When students see that administration, teachers and parents care about this problem, they realize that it is important to live in a drug free environment. This concern makes students believe that healthy lifestyle is more important than short-term euphoria caused by drugs. More children will refuse to take drugs and they will promote this idea among their classmates. Thereof, more students will reach their goal and build a successful career in future.

Drug testing in schools is the best solution of the problem of drug abuse among young people. It is smart to detect and prevent this problem when students are very young than to bring up a grownup person. Although this procedure is unpleasant and even shameful, it will save many young lives.

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In society we face a number of problems. We face many different problems from ocean to ocean, but the problem that causes the most problems these days are drugs. With drugs come many different problems. Drugs cause bad decision making, committing crime, and gets people very addicted to bad habits.
Drugs in the present day are causing people to make bad choices and bad decisions. Drugs aren’t necessarily making people do things that aren’t right, but make it so that people don’t think straight. When people don’t think straight they tend to make wrong choices. When people make wrong choices it usually puts people around them in danger, which isn’t good to have citizens endanger ever.
People go simply crazy is awful and sometimes drugs are the reason for going crazy. If you have ever seen the show Cops or anything like that most of the shows are filled with people going crazy and committing crimes. That leads into my next subject, committing crime because drugs. A lot of crimes like robbing, GTA, murder, Suicide, Homicide, DUI, etc., all are horrible things people do while on drugs. If the world was to crack down on drugs there would be a lot less crime and murders. Less crime and so on the world would be a way better place.
Bad habits are the worst thing about drugs. Common bad habits of drugs are skipping school, skipping work, and not paying bills, are just a few common habits caused by drugs. First off skipping school will get you no where, because when you skip a lot school you will get kicked out. Once you’re kicked out you have a slim chance of getting to college. Once college is ruled out then you have a very shy chance of getting a good paying job. Second off skipping work is just going to get you fired and that will look bad on your record if you ever go to get another job. Also then you wouldn’t be able to afford rent, insurance, bills, groceries, the drug itself, and whatever has to be paid. Once that happens you would lose everything that you were paying and paying off.
Imagine a world where there are no drugs what so ever. We wouldn’t have to fear as much about crime. No more worrying about what you chose to try because it wouldn’t drugs in it. No more worries about what kids are doing when parents don’t know where they are. The world would be a better place less crime, less bad decision making, less addicted people, and less whackos in our society. Our world would be drug free! Wouldn’t that be great?

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