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Car Sales Executive Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Van Buren

I am an experienced agent with plenty of history in the car dealership industry. I heard your organisation has an opening. I believe I am exceptional candidate. Find my resume enclosed. It clearly demonstrates my enthusiasm and talent for driving sales and ensuring my employer meets their financial goals while maintaining a high level of customer service.With a B.A. in Commerce I am well versed in finance accounting marketing human relations and management.

In my five years in the industry I was responsible for almost one-third of my employer’s total sales compared to the remaining car dealership staff combined. I was “Agent of the Month” more times than any other agent and was solely responsible for a two percent uptick in revenue and profit in a 21 month period. Motivated committed and excellent with customers I can break down contract details payment and finance options and how to smartly budget a vehicle in friendly and easy to understand terms that ensures a customer knows exactly what they are getting into. This is an interpersonal skill I take great pride in because it is a critical component of professional service.

I can bring great value to your car dealership and would love to come in for an interview to discuss in detail how.

Best Regards

Angie Waterston

Salesperson Advice

To get hired as an automotive salesperson, you need to be good with people and knowledgeable about cars. You also need an impressive job application, including a well-written cover letter. With the cover letter examples below as a guide, you’ll be closer than ever to landing the salesperson job of your dreams. Just click on any of the cover letter examples to craft a cover letter that help you stand out and get hired!

Cover Letter Tips for Salesperson

Finding jobs as a Salesperson takes a determination to succeed through a broad set of job-seeking skills. Follow these tips to make the next step in your career.

1. Join all the groups you can to open up opportunities in your search. From industry associations to job-hunter groups and online job boards, the more options you pursue—the more likely you are to find that perfect job.

2. Create and maintain a positive online presence. Employers seek out candidates online, and it is important to have professional, focused, and positive public social media profiles to create interest and keep you in the running for the job you want.

3. Get an entrepreneurial mindset. If it works for your skill set, try freelancing or consulting to create positive cash flow during your job search and to help fill any gaps in your cover letter. Sometimes, freelancing can also turn into a full-time position.

4. Keep track of your job-seeking duties in a file folder on your computer or in a traditional notebook. This will help you to meet weekly goals and facilitates timely follow-up activities.

5. Stay positive throughout the length of your job search. Positivity breeds confidence, and this will help you during the interview process.

Salesperson Job Seeking Tips

Your cover letter serves as the best showcase of your knowledge, skills and abilities and it needs to be of high quality to garner the attention of hiring managers. Follow these do’s and don’ts to make your cover letter shine when you are looking for jobs as a Salesperson.

1. Do consider utilizing a different format than the standard cover letter templates. Be distinctive with your design but make sure it is readable with a consistent format.

2. Don’t forget to include the locations of your past jobs within your job descriptions. This can be overlooked but it still very important.

3. Do avoid the use of the word “work” on your cover letter. It is best to use action verbs when describing your accomplishments.

4. Don’t be over concerned about the one-page rule. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it is important to not go over two pages.

5. Do give your cover letter as sharp of a focus as possible. Utilizing such formats as bulleting and including branding statements that briefly yet succinctly state your skills and best qualities are very attractive to hiring managers.

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