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University College London Architecture Admission Essays

Interested in applying for a course? Here's what you need to know:

We welcome students from across the globe to study and research at The Bartlett School of Architecture. If you'd like to apply, ensure you've read through our School programme pages, and clicked through to the online prospectus pages where you'll find up-to-date entry requirements and application deadlines. You might also want to think about joining us for an Open Day. 

After completing your research, you'll need to follow one of the following processes depending on whether you're an international student and the level of the programme you're applying to study.


Applications for our undergraduate programmes are made through UCAS. Please read the UCL guidelines for applicants. 
Information about undergraduate fees can be found on the UCL Undergraduate Fees and Finance page. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Cutbush, Undergraduate Programmes Manager for The Bartlett


Applications for our postgraduate programmes are made directly to UCL. After navigating your way to the online prospectus page for your programme from the School postgraduate programme overviews, click on the blue Apply button and then continue through to the UCL application checklist and into the online applications area.

For information about postgraduate fees, please visit the UCL Postgraduate Fees, Costs and Funding page

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Thea Heintz, Teaching and Learning Officer at The Bartlett


For specific information about our MPhil/PhD programmes, visit our MPhil/PhD page.

For information about MPhil/PhD fees, please visit the UCL Postgraduate Fees, Costs and Funding page.

Professional development

If you would like to learn more about our professional development programmes, please visit The Bartlett professional development, CPD & short courses page. 

International students

For more information about applications from students outside the UK, please visit the UCL international students pages.

  • Hi I'm an international student from India applying to Bartlett school of architecture for an undergraduate programme. After the initial application they send a spontaneous project for the applicants. I need help regarding this task I couldn't find any of these projects only. Please help!

  • That's typical of architecture schools - they ask people to do work before they've even started then they'll give you another project for over the Christmas break. It's work, work, work. My advice would be don't study architecture, at any RIBA accredited course in the world. They all operate the same unfair system involving 100% subjective marking. I had a friend who completed the first three years at the Bartlett and then transferred to do her 4th and 5th year at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow which at the time was very highly regarded. She was failed at the end of 5TH YEAR!!! She is the brightest, most creative, able person I have ever met. She was told that she "read too many books". She ended up long term unemployed. This is how architecture schools treat people. Lots of people.

    Only 18% of students starting out in architecture will ever qualify as practising architects. Read 15 Reasons NOT to study Architecture by Moira M. Malcolm (written by me) and you'll learn everything the universities, who want to fill places, won't tell you. It includes (in an appendix) the opinions of architecture students and practising architects. Just do your own research before you go. I wish I had. Good luck.

  • The purpose of the bartlett task is that you don't prepare for it. They give you three themes, and you got to draw five pieces in your chosen topic. There are also time frames for them which you should not overstep (eg 5mins, 10, 30, 45)

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